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The park of our dreams



Nature references

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Musical references

We didn't listen to the radio or a cd-player, but inevitably, the landscape made music bubble up while we were driving around.
Here are some of the songs we sang or hummed along the road (on YouTube, in a new tab):

Photo references

All photos in this website were made with a Nikon reflex camera D3100 with 2 lenses, a zoom AF-S Nikkor 18-105mm 1:3,5-5,6 and a telelens AF-S Nikkor 70-300mm 1:4,5-5,6.

IT references

The website was composed on a 27" iMac with the following open source programs: The few movies on this site were edited on Apple's iMovie (compilation of photos of Old Faithful eruption) and a few open source programs.

creative commons by-nc-sa license
All photos, movies, and texts (except those signed by Touché Guimarães) were made/written by Guy Voets, and everything is published under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.

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