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Our website about Yellowstone National Park is just a simple way to pay homage to Mother Nature and its wonders, hoping to contribute to the preservation of all natural resources on Earth.

Here are some words from an almost unknown poet, whose feelings we share.

Touché and Guy at the Tetons Zoentje always at the homefront


Henry Gibson

I am a part of Nature
I am part of everything that lives
I am bound together with all living things
                             – in air, in land, in water
My life depends upon Nature
Upon its balance, upon its resources
And upon the continuity of both

To destroy them is to destroy myself
As a member of the human race
I am responsible for its survival
I am a part of Nature
I will not destroy it.

Thank you for helping us protect wildlife and natural places!

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The poem above was written by Henry Gibson and we suppose the copyright belongs to him, but we didn't find any reference to him on internet...
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