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The difficult financing of the conservation of nature

Site of astonishing beauty and major importance as a nature sanctuary, Yellowstone is home to many different animals and the variety of its landscapes makes this reserve a real paradise for just anyone who loves life. A place where people and animals can share the experience of being surrounded by untouched nature and enjoy the pleasure of being around in harmony and peace.

Yet throughout the years not only Yellowstone but all the main natural reserves in the US have been suffering from the evil effects of political greed and there is less and less attention given to their maintenance and the training of personnel needed to keep them going on.

The main reason for the increasingly urge of financial need points at economical interests which have been focusing on the construction and maintenance of very expensive and modern parks where not necessarily the target is a serene experience of natural life but mainly the obtention of votes for those politicians who defend them. Fancy recreation areas, costly touristic infra-structure but no real attention to ecology and biotopes, but... who cares, this is successful business!

bisons and cars
Bisons and cars existing in parallel worlds...

Sad situation for older – and fantastic – parks like Yellowstone, which are critically short of funds, working with a minimum number of rangers and showing more and more necessity of financial support. Nowadays, 90% of the trails and 80% of the roads need repairs, and housing for its personnel and certainly visitors centers are also needed.

This is a serious alert for nature lovers! Let's do our best to protect our adorable Yellowstone!

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