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Exhibition about Native Americans in Grand Teton region

We were a bit disappointed by the size of the exhibition about Native Americans at the Craig Thomas Discovery & Visitor Center on Teton Park Rd, but in a limited number of display windows, it synthetises a lot of information about the way of life of the Indian tribes that were at some time present in this area, their arts and crafts, and their interaction with white trappers and pioneers.

regions of North America many indian tribes regularly hiked through Yellowstone and the Tetons hide and quill for leather and decoration decoration and utensils wood and pigments colours horn and wood cones for decoration and jingling quill decoration rawhide and buckskin decorated clothes and utensils headdress and decorated belts decorated clothes and ornaments colourful stuff a yellow dress very fancy dress a woman's saddle (left)

Next to the small exhibition, a few Native Americans were selling Indian ornaments and jewellery... all at prohibitive prices.
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