some of my favourite photos

reveriePutterersee (Austria)wooden bridge
        coração Lagoa Coraçãosandy road
        JericoacoaraJericoacoara dunekasteel Marnix d'Aldegondeskyline
        JericoacoaraKalmthoutLienne (Stavelot)jangada going to seawaterfalls near
        Pakse (Laos)fjord in Norway

Beautiful landscapes
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golden treeherfstkleuren
        Kluisbergbeukenherfst Rivierenhof parkpalm
        frondsJoão Pessoa palm shadowtreetopstree pack at
        Versailles castle (FR)holy banyan tree (Bangkok)winered treeautumn colourspalmtreessnowy forestcrooked tree (Brotas, BR)Rivierenhof spookjesKalmthout tree


sunset over Salvador
        (BA)sunset on the aegean sunset on the
        Mekong (Vientiane)tropical sunrisesun rising from the atlanticGreecepor do sol Horni
        Plana (CZ)Jericoacoara

Sunsets and Sunrises

renner Keukenhofgirl statue in Middelheim open air museum (BE)dancing girl
        (Bruges)photographer horsemarriage (Wheel of Life, Thailand)


huik on Paroslove poem
        Alhambra (Granada)zero
        tolerance (Hungary)woodpecker sign
        (Rivierenhof, Antwerp)mad hatter rabbit
        (Wien)Ramakian scene
        (Royal temple, Bangkok)slow food restaurant
        (Oia)capibara sign
        Pantanal (BR)

Interesting Signs

church tower for
        Escher in Copenhagenchurch in Olomouc (Czech Rep)blue street in
        Chefchaouen (Morocco)dreamhouse (Paros)Hunderwasser estate
        (Vienna)lions' patio at
        Alhambra, GranadaXmas in AntwerpWat
        Pho, Bangkoklost in the vast
        landscapeOia (Santorini,
        Greece)thai-like stavechurch in Norway

Lovely Places

photos on this page made by my husband, Guy

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