a little bit of me

as if I could split myself in 'bits'!

enfin... so it goes: a 'split' being, always divided between reasoning and emotions. While living in Brazil, I was said to be misplaced, my ideas never fit into the 'Brazilian spirit'. Too strange, far too far from my cultural birth-place.
As an immigrant-type Belgian, I remain kind of out-of-place, my ways to express emotions are not exactly the super-developed European way to do it.

my whole life i've been looking for new questions to old answers. Never understood how immobility could bring any development. Moving and dancing, walking and writing, listening, looking and trying to live according to the messages brought through the Music of the Universe, which can only be achieved when Hope is present.

in the search for honesty and authenticity, i've met many people, and most of them became my friends and they still are.
in the search for meaning for my live, i've finally met my beloved one, Guy, who proves that romance and respect are possible and real.
in the search of my values, i embrace my family, who never abandoned me and with whom i've learned to love.
in the search for nature and roots, we've been adopted by Zoentje, a lovely white cat, who teaches us how to communicate in a richer way.

languages! what a treasure! each new idiom is an open window to a new and enriching world. Thanks to the difference of languages, original cultures can keep their deep foundations. How beautiful it is to be able to penetrate into another way of living! the knowledge of other sounds and other meanings gives each fact a new dimension.

of course, studying languages becomes a passport for my innumerable trips, because this planet is so wonderful and there are so many exciting places to see!!! i'm lucky enough to have my xuxu, who shares this passion with me. We sure can see a lot with a backpack and a bottle of water as luggage!

i don't fear life, i only fear destructiveness.
i'm not afraid of trying, not afraid of being happy. But i've come to know that most people are. And i try to say a good word, even when i don't find it myself.

i believe in good words.
i believe in the power of words, especially the good ones.

therefore i write.
therefore i am a poet.

texto em

tekst in het

two texts that are very meaningful to me:

my five minutes of fame:
Point of View, Veja, 1988

Declaration of Dependence
Declaration of Dependence
cronica veja

translations of these texts are here:





Point of View, Veja, 1988-EN

        of View, Veja, 1988-EN
Standpunt, Veja, 1988-NL

Standpunt, Veja, 1988-NL


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