Into Each Heart Some Water Falls

The U.S. National Parks

We fell in love with the Yellowstone National Park in the northwest of the United States (mainly in Wyoming). As a special tribute to this amazing natural space, we made a website* about our trip to the Park in 2014 (a few photos lower down on this page).

At that time, we continued our tour with visits to several great National and State Parks in the Southeast: Yosemite, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Escalante, Valley of Fire,... Among these, Yosemite presents some impressive waterfalls.

Glacier Point offers a great viewing point for some of Yosemite's waterfalls, the Vernal and the Nevada Falls.

Vernal and Nevada Falls Touché at the Glacier Point Guy at the Glacier Point running down to Merced River

Down in Yosemite Valley

We liked Mariposa Valley, with its Sequoia trees, the Glacier Point, with its great overview of El Capitan and some other giant domes, and the northern route to Mono Lake much more than Yosemite Valley itself. For us, the Valley is turned into some kind of amusement park, where nature is reduced to a backdrop for all sorts of activities, from eating and drinking to extreme sports or simply biking (OK, that's great).

Nevertheless, there's another waterfall to be mentioned in the valley, the Bridal Veil. The amount of water coming through it wasn't very impressive when we visited, the veil was literally flowing to and fro with the wind, but it can vie with its namesake in the Chapada dos Guimarães in Brazil.

the Bridal Veil blowing this way... ...and that... ...and back again
like a veil, the small stream flows to and fro with the wind

the Bridal Veil in all its height

Waterfalls in Yellowstone National Park

The most impressive waterfalls in this wonderful Park are the Upper and Lower Falls in the Yellowstone Canyon. Other falls in the region include Gibbon and Tower Falls (on the road from Madison to Lamar Valley) and the smaller Lewis Falls on the way from Yellowstone to Jackson Lake.
The last photo shows the hot water streaming down into the Firehole River from the Midway Geyser Basin.
Yellowstone Canyon view to the South
Gibbon waterfall Tower waterfall, it's only the start... Tower waterfall, the final drop whitewater on the Yellowstone River Yellowstone High Falls Guy at the Yellowstone Canyon Falls on the Lewis River hot water streaming from the Midway Geyser Basin
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photos from 2014.

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